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Calcutta Notes

Hatkola Dutta Durga image being made in the family home

29th October 1980

am Asu Datta's house for interview w. Bhavani Prasad D & Deb Dutta.

After Plassey Raja Nabakrishna Deb started Dp because the British had won and he invited Clive to come. This kind of thing never happened in the Dutta family. Nab Deb spent 9 lakhs Rupees. Dp probably started in this family when Gobinda Sadan Dutta moved to Hatkola (hatkola=open market, no roofs).

Before Suren Pal (Prodip's relative) a man called Gopal Pal did the image. Bhav Pra Dutta thinks there is an Egyptian & Portugese influence in the image. The Dutta Kartik wears Portugese dress.

There is a controversy about who brought the kumars to Kumartuli. Whether it was Gobinda (Ram) Mitra or Gokul Mitra (of the same family). Gokul Mitra's temple is the one in Kumartuli.

Sutanuti started near Barabazar and goes up to Baghbazar. There used to be a big pillar at Baghbazar to Polish Ghat (3 miles).

Gobindapur named after Gobinda Sadan Dutta. During Akbar's period. G-the inland revenue collector of Akbar. He worked under Tadermal and T offered him this land.

1710 East India Co buys Gobindapur from the Nawab. They actually bought the land in 1698. G S Dutta came from Andul. Originally Duttas came from Kanarj (nr Kanpur only). cf Dr R.U.Mitra 'Indo Aryans' Vol 2 p25. Purosottam Dutta first man in the Dutta family, the forefather (bhav Pra Dutta is in the 26th generation) each generation=30 years so 780 years. The Dutta family were connected with the Senas. Narayan Dutta contemporary of Raja Vallala Sena. Narayan had 3 sons one of whom Gadhardar settled in the village of Bali (in the Hooghly district) Balisama Ravi (one of the other sons) went to Saptagram which was v. big for business. One of their later generations lived in Andul.

Krishnananda (one of the dutta realtives) lived in Andul and is mentioned in the Chaitanya Sangha because Chaitanya went to Andul & got a big reception from Krishnananda. K eventually devoted his life to prayer. he went to Puri and built a small ashram and up to now that Math's name is Andul-Math. K spent his life up there. K's grandson was Gobinda Sadan Dutta who came and settled in the area of gobindapur. G S's brother Ram Sadan settled in Andul.

G S a surveyor of Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Orissa and Raja Mansinghs was satisfied with his work and bought this Ketab. GS established an image of Gobinda at present it is in Kalighat. After construction of Fort William. It is a wooden image. 'Dutta Bangsa Mala' the family history by bhakti Binad Kena Dutta. Now it's destroyed. Gobinda's image is in the Strand Road by the Old Mint. 'Digbijoya Prakash' (geography) written in the Kobiram time of Pratapaditya. this book mentions that G S is living like a king in Gobindapur.

G S had 4 sons-Baniser (of them) had 4 sons-one of whom was Ramchandra whose descendants these Duttas are. Ramachandra established himself in Hatkola in the Chitpur Road in 1698. He was a stong zemindar (Ramachandra was killed for political reasons).

There was a philosophy lecturer there and he said that during the time of the Upanishads the kshatriyas were more important than the brahmins.

This year's chalchitra was painted by a man in Nabadwip wnd went to Cal. I was told tha this year's image by Prodip was not representative of the original type of image. The Dutta family do Kali puja. They don't do Laksmi puja. Apparently the Nabakrishna family only does Dp and Sarasvati puja. There are no families who do both Durga puja and Jagadddhatri puja.

The other day Prodip told me he used the gum from boiled tamarind seed and mixed it with powder water colours (after mixing them with water) to paint hims images. P is also making 14 Jagaddhatri images this year. He is also making the Dutta family Kali image in his studio (unilke the Dp which he made in their home).

pm Banerji family at last saw the nephew. He told me that they did kathamo/Goran puja with the piece of wood used for Durga. The image was made in the house and Goran puja took place on Janmasthami. Dp in this household is done on a 4 year cycle. In the 5th year there is no Dp and there is the option of holding Kali puja (though it hasn't been done as yet i.e. no Kp in this house). There was a break in 1977 I think-check up. This family does Lakshmi puja with murti. No other puja. They don't like Bangladeshis and the image was perhaps done by mistake one year, it brought work, and so it stayed. The kumar is from Krishnanagar (he might be Bangladeshi). Apparently the Bannerji family were the first to settle in this area.

30th October 1980 - Tarakeswara, Radhanagar, Gopalnagar, Krishnanagar

31st October 1980 - Tarakeshwara and Kolimbar village

November 1980

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